Beachside Boons: A Guide To Experiencing Darwin’s Waterfront

If you’re planning to visit Darwin for business, leisure or pleasure, you’re invariably going to be drawn towards the waterfront area. Darwin’s waterfront is a magnet for foodies, fun-seekers and those who appreciate the magical golden-hued hour of sunset.

Make Yourself At Home

One of the first steps you’re likely to undertake when planning an adventure in Darwin is to seek appropriate accommodation. Finding well-located Darwin apartments is a matter of choosing a location which best suits the reasons for your stay, as well as being close to any amenities or services you’re likely to require.

Making yourself at home can mean the difference between a comfortable trip and a trip where you can’t ever fully relax. Having a place to recuperate and unwind after a day of exploring the waterfront is particularly important if you’re not familiar with the warmth and humidity of tropical Darwin. It can surprise and overwhelm those who aren’t prepared and aren’t used to the very warm, moist air. Finding a conveniently located property with good ventilation and air conditioning will be particularly important if you’re new to tropical climes.

Season’s Greetings

Darwin’s seasons are unlike the seasons in most of the rest of Australia. Rather than having four distinct seasons such as summer, spring, autumn and winter, Darwin simply has the ‘wet’ season and the ‘dry’ season.

If you’re keen on spending as much time in the water as possible, it’s probably best to consider which time of year will allow for this. The ‘wet’ season brings with it monsoonal rain, which is a torrential, soaking rain (often accompanied by thunderstorms). The wet season also brings a heightened risk of tropical cyclones – dangerous, persistent low pressure weather events which can cause significant damage.

Another issue for some visitors will only arise if they wish to spend time swimming in the sea. Saltwater crocodiles are real, and they are no joke. There are a handful of patrolled beaches open in the dry season, meaning that those who want to swim as nature intended are still able to get their feet wet.

Attractive Options

Now that you know a little bit more about Darwin’s climate and fauna, you probably want to start exploring. Here are some of the most attractive options on offer in Darwin:

Watch the sun setting over Fannie Bay…

Sunset in Darwin is remarkably stunning. The reflections of the orange setting sun are touted, and the natural phenomenon attracts plenty of photographers and visitors to Darwin’s foreshore. If you’re aiming to get the best possible vantage point, arrive early. Pick up a bottle of wine and some snacks and you’ve got an al fresco viewing experience fit for the cinema.

Just eat it…

There are a wide array of restaurants and dining options around Darwin’s waterfront. From Stokes Hill Wharf to the plethora of restaurants framing the bay, you won’t have to search far to find a tantalising option.

Market-mania in the dry season…

Mindil Beach Sunset Market combines the previous two options in excellent style. It’s a great place to experience fine and varied multicultural cuisine, while also stopping to learn about the foods and customs of the local aboriginal people.

Walk it off…

A late evening stroll along waterfront never fails to please even the most discerning of visitors. It’s a great way to ponder the geography of Darwin – Australia’s closest capital city the the frontier of Asia.

Darwin’s waterfront offers visitors a unique perspective. On the edge of the Australian continent, Darwin is blessed of sea, sky and land, and can offer a rich array of activities and leisure for visitors. If you’re headed to Australia’s top end you won’t be disappointed – just remember to pack your sunscreen.

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