6 Crazy Foods to Eat Around the World

Got your appetite for traveling? Get ready to get an appetite for some of the crazy foods you’ll try around the world… yum!

Oh wait a sec this article is about crazy foods around the world… hold your breath, try not to get queasy and if you get a chance try it, you might like it!

Read on for 6 crazy foods you can try around this crazy world of ours:


1.       Balut  (Chicken Fetus)

Hmmmmmm the chicken or the egg? How about both?! This is a delicacy in the Philippines, with the Fetus just being formed in the egg so you have a bit of chewy with the soft. Complete with yolk, beak and body partially formed. This is commonly sold as street food in the Philippines but it is also available in Southeast Asian countries such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam – tuck in! Book cheap travel deals online, and make your way to the Philippines and give it a try yourself!


Balut Chicken Fetus Philippines Crazy Foods

2.       Stinky Tofu

The thing I love about stinky tofu is how it’s named. How the hell does something named stinky even sound remotely appealing. This is massive in Taiwan, and is a direct translation from Chinese (at least they’re honest). This dish absolutely hums something rotten – sometimes you’ll be walking through a night market and it literally smells like someone has $hat their pants but then there is a massive queue of people lining up to eat this! However, that being said the sauce they serve it with is nice….haha.


Stinky Tofu Taiwan Crazy Foods
Look at the ‘fragrant’ aroma wafting into the night’s sky…

3.       Snails (Escargot)

Thank you France for picking something that sticks to wall with its beautiful snail trail and make a dish out of it. This is a delicacy in France, and I’ve also seen it through Southeast Asia as well. In France, served with a garlic sauce and bread you almost swallow the snail whole so not to chew and have its snail trail squirt in your mouth…


Snails Escargot France Crazy Foods
Snails shells are complimentary…


4.        Snake Soup, and Blood

Had to give Taiwan another mention, and tried this earlier in the year. This is something very different but actually not too bad on the taste buds. Have a bit of snake soup, then something to wash it down with… snakes blood. When ordering the snakes blood they come in shot glasses with a bit of alcohol mixed in there and it is said to increase your libido – seemed to do the job for me. However, you get about 5 different shot glass – the bile, the blood, the ‘protein’ among others. I made the mistake of downing the ‘protein’ quickly only to find out it is Snakes sperm… nice!


Snakes Blood Crazy Foods Taiwan
Cheers – DON’T drink the white one though….unless you want some extra ‘protein’!!

5.       Guinea Pig

South America delicacy in Peru – a guinea pig! Complete with teeth when presented to the table. My fiancé tells me it’s actually quite delicious so will be giving it a try when I visit South America in the future.

Guinea Pig Fried Crazy Foods Peru
Yes… they are the teeth…


6.       Sheep’s Testicles

What a load of balls! Sold in China, and eaten by many of those a little bit drunk and open to a dare (hello Johnny). Not sure how it tastes but maybe Johnny can give us a bit of insight in the comments section below – needless to say though, not something you usually find down the supermarket!

Sheep Balls China Crazy Foods
Nothing like a bit of deep fried sheep’s balls

So they we have it, 6 crazy foods from around the world. Obviously there’s many more including the bugs and what not you can try especially in Southeast Asia but we wanted to mix it up a bit.

Tried any crazier foods on your travels? Let us know of the delightful delicacies you’ve tried and where you tried.

Here’s to broadening your horizons and eating something different.


  1. I have tried 4/6 things you’ve mentioned Duff! To me, the strangest thing I have tried is piranha in Peru, but only because it still has an angry face when cooked!

  2. What does balot taste like…. at a hunch I’d say like chicken? 🙂 haha.

    When I was in the Philippines I didn’t get to try it – will definitely give it a try next time though.

  3. I’ve tried snails, it’s the garlic butter most people really like, anyway they are not too bad.  Sheeps testicles on the other hand are part of the offal known as sweatbreads & are absolutely delicious if cooked the right way…..bring them on.

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