5 Unique Experiences in the UK

Trevelling around the UK is a great fun.  There are so many things to do like see the sites of the big cities, travel to historic sites, or travel through any of the many small towns.  With more and more people visiting the UK more and more services are being offered to provide visitors with truly unique opportunities.  Here are 5 unique experiences to try the next time you are touring the UK.


You could stay in a chocolate themed hotel for a weekend.  If you live for chocolate than this is the experience for you: with chocolate served to you in the room, chocolate buffets in the restaurants and chocolate themed cocktails just a few of the things being offered.   Chocolate lovers will be in heaven as they sink beneath chocolate coloured sheets in their chocolate themed room with visions of chocolate dancing in their heads.


A nice way to take a vacation in the UK is to stay in a log cabin in the Cotswolds.  You can rent a cabin on a lake complete with a hot tub and spend your time surrounded by nature.  There are plenty of things to do in the Cotswolds area; trails to hike on, villages to explore nearby or hop in your car and head out to some of the many historical sites the area has to offer.  Spend your evenings relaxing on your private deck, soaking in your hot tub, and catching up with old friends or new ones you have just made.


The UK has a lot of historical sites and one way to see them is to go in a hot air balloon over Bath.  You get to see the truly unique sites like the UNESCO World Heritage Site Royal York Crescent, the five hundred year old Bath Abbey or the 2000 year old Roman Baths.  Sip champagne peacefully as you enjoy the tranquility of watching the earth from a bird’s eye view.


You can travel to Aberdeenshire, Scotland and drive along Castle Trail where there are more castles per acre than anywhere else in the UK.   You can join a tour or rent a car and follow the well marked brown and white signs.    The journey is about 500 km, there are 14 castles and their grounds to visit, and you should allow for six days to see the area properly.  You can also get printed maps with keys that will tell you unique features about each castle.


Or you could live like royalty and rent a castle in Ireland.  There are many properties to choose from and you can rent a room in a refurbished castle or rent out the whole castle including the grounds.   You can stock the kitchen with your favourite foods or hire a caterer to deliver meals to you and your party.  You can even take part in royal sports like archery, falconry, or horseback riding.   Some of the castles even have small golf courses on the grounds or you could head to one of the world famous courses and play a round of golf.