5 Tips to Enjoy Singapore Universal Studios

Our family loves to travel, and one of the things we love to do is compare the many great amusement parks that have sprung up around the world. One of the ones we particularly enjoyed in our travels is the Singapore Universal Studios park in Southeastern Asia. While it is a big park, you don’t have to be intimidated by that, and in fact it can work to your advantage if you have a big family who loves these amusement parks. But like everything else, there is a good and bad way to go about enjoying a park this size. Here are five tips we want to share with you on how we got to see everything we wanted to see at the huge Singapore Universal Studios Amusement Park and still had a great time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 21.35.02Pick Your Days

We try to always visit amusement parks of this size on their off-peak days and if possible during their off-peak season. Like many amusement parks, the Singapore Universal Studios park is busier on weekends and during public holidays. If you will be in Singapore for more than a week, plan to visit the park mid-week when the crowds are much smaller. There is nothing quite like standing in a queue all day to deflate that feeling of excitement we expect at these parks. So plan ahead, and expect to spend the day at this park during off-peak times such as mid-week or off-season when the attendees are most likely locals rather than tourists.

Buy Ahead of Time

One line you can avoid is the line to buy your tickets at the amusement park when you arrive. Always head online to buy those tickets at a respected travel broker or even online with the amusement park itself. If you do a bit of checking first you may find you can get a discount on those tickets as well. You will be waiting in enough lines once you get into the park. There is no sense in waiting in line right off the bat when you arrive as well!

Plan Your Rides Route

Some rides are more popular than others, and the Singapore Universal Studios park is no exception. That is why you may want to head straight for these rides first, before the big crowds start arriving. At this park the most popular rides are Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica, so plan to hit them first. While you are planning, don’t forget that some rides require a minimum height. If you have kids that might be shorter than the 122 cm required for many of the rides at this park, you might want to have them stay in the kiddies section with one parent while the other takes the bigger kids on the other rides.

Get a Pass

For those who live in the city, skipping rides with long waiting lines might be an option. But if you have travelled far to experience this amusement park, it might be worth getting an Express Pass. This is especially true if you can’t go on any day but a peak day when the park is full and the waiting lines can be over an hour long for some rides. Don’t bother with passes if you can go on non-peak days, especially when it isn’t the height of the tourist season. Those days you may not even have to wait at all to get on all your favorite rides. But for a family of avid ride fans who are visiting the park from out of the country and want to experience as many rides as possible, the passes are worth the extra cost.

Pack a Park Bag

While we don’t suggest bringing a suitcase of things with you, do bring a light bag with some essentials to make the trekking through the park easier. We have always included the following in our park travel bag for the family:

  • Bottled Water – The park water can be expensive and you can refill at fountains
  • Camera and extra batteries – Never miss a shot with these!
  • Light rain ponchos and an umbrella – It rains a lot in Singapore
  • Extra tops for everyone – Some rides can get you really wet!
  • A few candies – A bit of something sweet is good for calming down after a particularly exciting ride.

Now that you are prepared for your day at the Singapore Universal Studios park, get out there an enjoy!