5 Things You Should Pack in Your Medikit

With so many scaremongers out there in the world of travel, advocating packing half of boots chemist on each trip, aspiringbackpacker is here to set you guys straight. You’re probably safer on the road than you are walking your homes streets of New York or London but, that being said, it’s better to be safe than sorry and however unlikely cuts and bruises can cast a real shadow over your trip so get yourself prepared with these 5 gems to wedge inside that bulging backpack:

shitting yourself
Avoid this!

1)   Imodium

Every backpackers favourite safety net is back. After that curry in India has well and truly given you a case of Delhi belly, Imodium will keep save the day ahead of that 12 hour bus journey. Being caught short in public after some dodgy food is no ones ideal pastime so pack some Imodium and save the public embarrassment for something a little less disgusting. Once you start to feel those awkward rumbles in your stomach, it’s time to pop a pill or two and you’ll be set until your next destination.


2)   Anti-histamines (pills or cream)

With the foreign food you’ll be devouring daily, it’s always a possibily that you’ll end up with a (minor) allergy or the like. So, unless you wanna wind up like Hitch make sure you have some antihistamines in your bag. They’ll curtail the worst of the reaction or rash in no time.


3)   Painkillers

Whether you’re trying to dampen the headache from your latest binge drinking escapade or feeling the effects from a legitimate injury, painkillers will always do the job. Make sure you have some of the strongest available.


4)   Iodine

I know it’s old skool but after spending years in Asia, I’m a huge fan of this stuff. Any anti-bacterial, cleansing agent will do the job but I find iodine cleans any wounds the best. Rock climbing, rafting, partying can all lead to a few nasty cuts and no one needs to see them turn a nice septic green, Iodine will put a stop to that and help them heal cleanly. Besides, if it stings that much, it must be helping.


5)   Condoms

Now, now folks – it’s easy to get carried away in the moment, especially with that hot Swedish chick you’ve been eyeing up for days but unless you want a new, little backpacker to add to the community 9 months from now OR to spread any STIs around, safe sex is smart sex so be smart!



Along with your hair products (girls, and maybe me), showergel and toothpaste – add these 5 bad boys onto the packing itinerary and you’re all set. Happy travels!



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