5 Alternative City Breaks Around the World

Paris. London. Bangkok. New York. Miami. These are some of the most popular destinations that are often mentioned when thinking of city breaks. Do you want to dare to be different? Want to explore something new? Consider the five alternatives that will be mentioned below, which will surely give you a memorable holiday experience.



Not all European destinations are expensive. In Budapest, for instance, you can have fun without having to spend a lot. It is one of the places where you can see amazing Turkish, Gothic, and Roman architectural wonders. For a long time, it has also been a favourite destination for foodies. Another attraction that is frequented by many is the hot springs. With more than 1,000 of them in Hungary, a lot can be found in Budapest.



For those who are looking for historical and cultural cities, Marrakech should be on the top of your list. Its souks are well-known around the world because of the diversity of items that you can purchase, including spices, fabrics, and carpets. Architecture is also diverse and for sure, you will find a lot of picturesque buildings. It is also the perfect choice for people who are looking for lavish holidays. The city has an abundance of choices for beautiful accommodation. Lastly, the food should not be missed. This is paradise for people who love authentic dishes. For information on where to stay and what to do in Marrakech visit Epic Morocco.



When you speak about Germany, a lot of people will most probably be interested in Berlin. If you want a unique experience, head to Cologne instead. This is surely going to be paradise for people who love chocolate and beer. If you are visiting during the Christmas season, you will not have regrets. In fact, it is the best time to visit. While it may be busy, there are lots of attractions to enjoy, including their authentic Christmas markets. Do not also forget to include the Dom Tower in your itinerary and climb its 509 steps.



If there is one attraction that you should see in Beijing, it would be the Great Wall of China. This, and other attractions, will give you a glimpse of the country’s history and culture. The Forbidden City is another historical place that should be included in your itinerary. This architectural complex is well-preserved to retain its old-world grandeur. There are also vibrant outdoor markets. Make sure to experience a Chinese gastronomic feast by sampling regional dishes, many of which are available even through street stalls. Visit Ampersand Travel for more information.



This Scottish capital is being overlooked by many tourists in spite of the fact that it can be promising in ways more than one. It has a vibrant atmosphere, which is perfect for anyone who loves cosmopolitan living. With Edwardian and Victorian architectures all around the city, you will surely have a visual feast as you go around. For those who love to shop, there are stores selling global and home-grown brands. Some of the best destinations for shopping include Buchanan Street and George Square. Click here for 20 great things to do in Glasgow.