targets the 16-35 year old traveling market. Aspiring Backpacker is a travel site designed specifically to get people seeing the world. It’s sole purpose is to make the process easier and set people off on what will be the best time of their lives.

These readers are keen to start their traveling careers, I will happily promote products that will facilitate them in their planning, their actual trip or will enhance their journey.

I offer a variety of advertising opportunities for every budget. Please contact seb ‘at’ for current advertising rates.

Product review policy

As a budget traveler, I want my opinions and recommendations to remain credible, so while I am open to products offers/trials/trips, I am careful to recommend only products that we think are relevant and affordable for budget travelers. If you represent a company with a relevant product or service that you think is a good fit for Aspiring Backpacker, email me (seb at aspiringbackpacker dot com) to have it considered for review.